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Purpose statement

Cymryd Rhan Purpose Statement

The Cymryd Rhan purpose statement outlines our goals and everything we aim to achieve. Cymryd Rhan is a charity which focuses on supporting lots of different citizens. Especially helping citizens to live life in the way that you choose. Our purpose statement reflects this because we support citizens regardless of who you are. Whether you are older, younger, have a disability, need support to feel more confident or support to change the way that you see yourself. We are fully committed to working with anyone who needs that extra bit of support to get you through the hard times. And we will always take the time to understand what matters most to you.

What we will do for you

We work to a set of organisational principles which are focussed around the individual. We consider the things that you like or don’t like. Plus what is important to you and what you would like to achieve. The Cymryd Rhan purpose statement includes that we question again and again how best to support people. And that we question how our direct and indirect support is adding real impact to the life of the citizen we support.

Our Ethos

As an organisation, we will only do things which has a direct benefit to the citizens we support across Wales and its borders. In fact, we challenge the activities that don’t have a direct benefit. We are open to change and new ways of working. Hence we are creative, proactive and innovative in finding new solutions. Both for the citizens we currently support and for the citizens we are yet to meet. Also, we encourage our citizens and our workforce in helping to design the way in which Cymryd Rhan delivers its support services across Wales.

We are very proud to be the charity that we are. In the beginning, Cymryd Rhan was originally set up by a group of parents. Initially, to create meaningful opportunities for their family members who needed support. And several decades later, we are proud to continue to create meaningful opportunities. And in doing so, we have stayed very close to our roots!”

Cymryd Rhan operates in North Wales, West Wales and Mid Wales. Find our office locations here. We have more specific statements of purpose for each of our localities. You can download the specific Statement of Purpose for each locality below as a Word Document:

West Wales Statement of Purpose

Mid Wales Statement of Purpose

North Wales Statement of Purpose

Cymryd Rhan supports you in a person centred way