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Direct Payments

Help with direct payments in Wales

Cymryd Rhan can help with direct payments in Wales

Direct Payments in Wales go to someone who has made a personal choice. That is, to use the money they receive for their care or to buy their own services. So what they will buy will be those services in the Support Plan agreed between themselves and the Local Authority. Cymryd Rhan offer a free service to help with direct payments in Wales. We can help you find out if you are eligible, and help you to apply.

Moreover as a charity, we give a lot of thought to our aims, beliefs and values.

Furthermore, we are strongly committed to providing care and support which suits each and every individual. By the same token, we are just as enthusiastic to develop our services for the benefit of those who need help. And indeed Direct Payments are an important part of the story of how someone chooses to have their care delivered and by whom.

Direct Payments in Wales give people the chance to run their own lives in a way that suits them with assistance from those around them. Cymryd Rhan offers a free service to help with direct payments in Wales. This service is available to anyone who needs it.

List of people eligible to receive Direct Payments in Wales (and what they can purchase)

  • Disabled adults to buy Community Care Services, such as home care
  • Disabled people (including children) to buy Housing Support Services
  • Older people with disabilities
  • Disabled parents to enable them to carry out parental responsibilities
  • Financial Attorneys and Guardians to receive Direct Payment on behalf of those unable to consent to manage their own services

With a Direct Payment a person can purchase care:

  • From an agency or care service provider such as Cymryd Rhan
  • By employing their own personal assistant or support worker
  • From the council

If you would like any further information about getting help with direct payments in Wales, please give us a call on 01597 828 050, email us, or get in touch with your local council.

Benefits to you

By using our care and support services:

  • A team leader will discuss your needs with you and manage your care and support needs.
  • You, and your family (and friends) will be involved in decisions about the care you receive.
  • You will be supported by staff with experience who are based in your local area.

We will provide staff who suit support your needs best and if you require, you may have more than one person allocated to support you.