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10 Reasons to be a Community Support Worker

There are many reasons to be a Community Support Worker. Firstly it means starting a career in social care. Undoubtedly it is an exciting prospect that comes with varied opportunities, but taking the first step can be a daunting prospect.

Don’t hold back – here are ten reasons to be a community support worker

1. You’ll get a huge sense of job satisfaction

Another of the reasons to be a Community Support worker is that it is incredibly rewarding. For many, the relationships they form with the people they work with and the sense of personal achievement from helping them live their life to the full is the reason they get up in the morning.

2. You’ll make a difference

One of the reasons to be a Community Support Worker is it is about making a difference. Making a difference to the lives of the people you provide care for and your community. And making a difference to yourself to lead a fuller, more compassionate life.

3. What You Do Really Does Count

Working for us is far more than just a job: it gives you a sense of purpose as your work is important. Furthermore, you are valued by the people you support and their families.

4. No day is the same

Being a Community Support worker requires you to work in the home of the person you are supporting (not in a care home). Indeed much of what a support worker does depend very much on the person you are supporting, it’s individualised. Not only could you be supporting them with their daily needs, you have the opportunity to support them to achieve any goals and ambitions they have. And where possible we try to match people up if you have the same or similar interests…it makes it so much more fun!

5. It’s Fun!

This job is so much FUN!

When working with a wide variety of people you’ll hear tons of interesting & heart wrenching stories.

6. The work is flexible

You can work the hours that suit you best. With full-time and part-time roles available, we can offer block hours or shifts depending on your availability. So if you have other commitments we can help you work around them.

7. You’ll have job security

With a demand for care workers that’s set to increase as Britain’s population ages, the social care sector offers good job security.

8. You’ll better yourself

As a care worker, you’ll learn a huge amount. Although not just from the training but from the people you work with and the people you work for. Besides, being a care worker is an eye-opening experience, and the chance to work with people from all walks of life with varying needs of support.

9. Career path and progression

Social care is a rapidly growing sector, and the opportunities for career progression are varied. So you’ll have the chance to build a career. And by becoming a care worker, that would be the first step to a rewarding career in social care. Also you’ll learn transferrable skills and gain training. And with ambition, you can go right to the top. Furthermore, with experience, you could take on more responsibility as a senior support worker or manager. And in fact you could go on to train as a social worker. With the right attitude and motivation, you can choose where to go next!

10. Why be a Community Support Worker?


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