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Davina Hutchinson

As Head of Finance it’s my responsibility to ensure that Cymryd Rhan gets paid for all its wonderful services and the staff gets paid for all their wonderful work.  I also try to keep organisations such as the Inland Revenue, Companies House and the Charities Commission happy by ensuring that our accounting and payroll systems and end of year accounts are accurate and up-to-date and our PAYE/NI liabilities are paid on time.  Finally I give the Senior Management Team and the Board of Trustees financial information to allow them to make important decisions about the running of Cymryd Rhan.

About me: I’m a hard working and conscientious person but I also enjoy a good laugh. Ask me nicely, and I’ll get it done!

What motivates me to do my job and work for Cymryd Rhan: Even though we are going through a difficult time, I believe that Cymryd Rhan is unique in the way it works and I know that the spirit and ethos of the organisation and its staff will carry us through!