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Information Update

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that we have now appointed a new Chair and Vice Chair for the Cymryd Rhan board. Jane Lewes who had so successfully supported Cymryd Rhan as Chair retired from this role at the AGM on 15th December 2017. It was recognised that Jane Lewes had worked very closely with senior staff during some very turbulent times and with setting a strong direction with board members which has resulted in Cymryd Rhan being on a much more stable footing. We are grateful for Jane’s support.
Following the board meeting on 9th January 2018, Tomos Turner has been elected as the new Chair of Cymryd Rhan. Tom has quite a varied experience and has been a County Councillor in Powys and a School Governor. Tom is a Paramedic in the Welsh Ambulance Service, and has a very strong grasp around the operational side of services and the importance of responding to people in a way that matters to them.
We are very pleased to welcome Tom to Cymryd Rhan and we believe he will guide the board of trustees in a positive direction in the future while Cymryd Rhan continues to not only deliver high quality support and care, but also supporting Cymryd Rhan while the organisation continues to develop and grow.
I would also like to introduce our new Vice Chair for Cymryd Rhan Hayley Fisk. Hayley has a background in analytical work backed up by very strong social values. Hayley’s commitment to supporting Cymryd Rhan to deliver what matters to people is clear to see. We believe that with such strong analytical knowledge along with Tom’s operational knowledge will very much enhance the strength of our Audit and Scrutiny Committee which informs the main board of Cymryd Rhan.
We would also like to welcome all of our board members, some of which continue with their role, and a couple of which were co-opted on to the board last year while we got to know each other, and have this year put themselves forward for election. The following board members are:

Tom Turner (Chair)
Hayley Fisk (Vice Chair)
Kevin Hughes
Chris Hay
Julie Davies
Friederike Von Duecker-Wollensack
Sarah Williams
Birgit Walter
Sue Williams