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Llanybydder Pilot Project

Christine Hornsby has taken over leading the team in a new and exciting pilot project in Llanybydder which is a small rural town in the heart of Carmarthenshire. The team are based in a sheltered housing complex called Cwm Aur which is managed and run by Gwalia who are part of the Pobl group. The Cymryd Rhan team are tasked with providing domiciliary care and a floating support services which focuses on prevention and early intervention. The aim is to focus on older people and support them in a way that reduces their sense of social isolation by connecting them within their community and locality which starts within the Cwm Aur complex. The team are also supporting people around their confidence and helping them to feel “well” and to continue to be able to do the things that matter them. This approach is hopefully going to reduce the need for medical intervention and a reduction in hospital admissions, reduce and minimise the need for additional care, and in some cases where support in the community has reduced the feeling of being socially isolated, will result in a complete reduction in care related support.

The team are learning to understand the causes to why older people are asking for help, and to respond to them in a way where the person themselves all but meets their own demand and maintains a sense of control within their own life. The team are also learning to measure the impact of the support that they provide, to plan out between them how to best deliver the services in that locality, and are creating new community based activities for people to become involved in. The pilot is quite a challenge to get up and running and Christine and the team appear to be making some great progress.