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Nick Evans

As Chief Executive Officer I am proud to be part of the philosophy and principles that this organisation is committed to. My focus as an organisation is that we will only do things which have a direct impact on the lives of the people we know, support and care for.

I started my working life supporting young children in a nursery; I went on to setting up activities for disabled people in a centre. Being in my early twenties I got bored of being in a centre all day, so decided to start exploring with the people I was supporting, to go out and get involved
with activities in the community instead. This really took off, and I was asked to manage the service initially and over time I became the operations director. I then moved to Wales and became a police officer for several years before taking a career break to professionally race the British Sled Dog Team all over the world. After 8 very successful years I retired and joined Powys County Council Commissioning Services which was how I got to know about Cymryd Rhan.

I am married, I have four dogs, a budgie, three pet pigs and three horses which I love spending time with, one of them is just a youngster and not able to be ridden yet but my ambition is to event him when he is old enough… I am also a massive fan of motorsport and have a motocross bike which when I have time I enjoy riding up the Hafren forest which is close to where I live. I really love going over huge jumps on it and push my abilities when riding it.