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Social Care Wales Registration for Cymryd Rhan’s Employees

Social Care Wales keep a register of people who have shown they are suitable to work in social care in Wales by:

• following the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care (the Code) and practice guidance for their role.
• having the right knowledge and skills (including qualifications).
• being physically and mentally fit to practice, as well as have suitable competence and character.

The Register of Social Care Workers (the Register) was set up under the Care Standards Act 2000. Social Care Wales maintains the Register under the Regulation and Inspection Act 2016.

They use the Social Care Wales (Registration) Rules 2018, these rules are approved by Welsh Government and are the legal framework for registering the social care workforce.

From April 2020, everyone working as a Domiciliary Care Worker (all of Cymryd Rhan’s Support Workers and Team Leaders) must be registered with Social Care Wales.

Cymryd Rhan welcomes the registration of its Support Teams with Social Care Wales as a positive step towards the recognition of the professional status of the sector we work in and has agreed that the Organisation will pay the Registration fees for its employees. Registration Workshops will be arranged over the coming months.

For more information on the Registration of Domiciliary Care Workers please see: https://socialcare.wales/registration/domiciliary-care-workers-registration