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Thank you

To all staff
I wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work and effort over the past few days while we continued to get support out to everyone during some of the worst snow conditions in the past seven years.
The on-call was inundated with calls as staff battled to get to work. The on-call in both North and Mid Wales did an exceptional job of covering shifts, re-routing staff, co-ordinating with SMT, families and emergency services.
I have been hearing stories where staff members have not been able to return home and remained at work supporting people for several days, where staff was asked to cover due to where they live even though they do not usually work in that service area and staff covering their work on foot. In one case in Domiciliary Care, this staff member walked their care run which equated to 25 miles in three days in heavy snow conditions.
Families have been supportive and helpful, and even some of the people we support have been concerned at the welfare of staff, an indication of how strong the relationship is between staff and people we support.
Overall we continued to deliver support with the minimum amount of disruption to people supported by us, provided continued assurances to families and commissioners and supported each other during this time.
What makes Cymryd Rhan great is that the staff will always help each other out, always making sure people we support are ok and staff putting them before themselves r their own families at times.
I thank each and every one of you on their behalf also.
Best wishes,
Nick Evans