Building Financial Resilience in the Community

With many people trapped in long-term poverty and unsure how to break free, we can make a real impact by changing lives and helping people to regain their financial independence.​

The rising cost of living has only added to the struggles of individuals and families, forcing some to resort to credit cards or borrowing to cover their everyday expenses.  This leads to mounting debts and financial distress.​

Not everyone knows how to budget, and for some, their income simply doesn’t stretch far enough due to higher rents, increased food prices, and general living costs. We can play a vital role in helping people regain control over their finances. We can offer guidance on necessary budget changes, provide support through the challenges, signpost to other services and even assist with complex forms and phone calls for those who find it daunting.  ​

We can provide the support on a 1:1 basis or via phone or on-line.  We can provide resource packs.  We can guide people through the complicated welfare system.  We can support people emotionally and practically and signpost them to other services within Cymryd Rhan or other agencies if applicable. We can help them to save for that important future event.  We can help them to cut costs.​

We can:

Offer families a service on how to Prepare A Family Budget Planner (1:1 or via Teams)​

Create a Benefits Resource Pack for Families & offer help with applications & problems​

Offer Debt Management Advice Service (1:1, phone or via Teams)​

Create a Resource Pack on Savings Options to share with families & keep them up-to-date​

Share Money Saving Ideas​

Offer Basic Income Tax Advice & Payroll Issues (1:1, phone or via Teams)​

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you to build financial resilience, email

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