Low Cost Specialist Accountancy Support For Charities

It is easy to find an accountant. But it is very difficult to find one who specialises in the not-for-profit sector – who understands the problems you face and the intricacies of tracking restricted funding for example. Accounting requirements for charities are very different to that for commercial companies. As a result, inadequately trained corporate accountants will not be able to advise you on your charity’s reserves policy, or help you claim gift aid or even generate management accounts for the Trustees that make sense. A task as simple as bookkeeping for a charity requires specialist knowledge too. As specialist charity accountants, we provide services to all types of charity, community interest companies, charitable incorporated organisations and social enterprises.

Our aim is to provide client satisfaction by providing exceptional quality accounting services to charities at a reasonable cost.

  • Client satisfaction is at the heart of what we do.
  • We do it so that charities get value for money without having to spend a fortune – this is something we rightly stand for.
  • We are proud to be a Wales based charity – we are not looking to make a profit out of you and any money that we do make goes back into the “pot” to fund good causes.
  • We have been established for nearly 40 years and so have a really good understanding of the problems that charities face….particularly in the current difficult economic climate.
  • We have achieved the Charity Excellence Framework Quality Mark.
  • We have other in-house services that could benefit your charity, eg. HR Services; Creating the Right Culture in your Workplace etc.

The fact that we are also a charity and our passion for what we do makes us stand out from other accountants. Our aim is to provide accounting services that make a difference. Just like you are a charity trying to make an impact on the lives that matter to you, we are a charity that is trying to make a good impact on other charities. We value even the smallest charity and endeavour to build a long lasting relationship with all clients. Because that makes us deliver our services with a personal touch.

Plus we have a secret weapon………….Davina Hutchinson ACMA FCIE

Davina is the Head of Finance and Payroll Manager here at Cymryd Rhan. She is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. She is also a Fellow of the Charity Independent Examiners. Davina has worked with charity accounts since 1998 – including preparing accounts, Independent Examinations and Audits. Davina runs our payroll which has sometimes meant paying over 100 employees and is more than happy to provide you with help and guidance with your payroll if needed. She also works closely with our HR Manager and Wellbeing Manager and can pull them in to help too.

And of course she prepares our year end accounts and liaises with our Auditors and so has plenty of experience to pull on if you are struggling with any aspect of your charity accounts.

So what services do we provide? We provide an extensive range of services and our commitment to providing quality and affordable services makes Cymryd Rhan the best financial partner a charity could have. Each of these services will be specifically tailored to suit your needs.

For more detail on any of these services, check out the Sway presentation below.

  • You will receive specialized knowledge in the field by someone who understands your charity in depth and who is not looking to charge you a fortune
  • You will not have to employ in house staff which will minimise costs
  • You will receive reports in a timely manner
  • Your accounts will be prepared to a high standard
  • You will always comply with the relevant laws and regulations affecting your charity


Still not convinced? Here is what some of our clients say about us!

“Cymryd Rhan stands out from other accountants because they care about small charities”

“Davina provides a caring and understanding approach that as a charity we have lacked for quite a while”

“Efficient, reasonably priced, responsive and tolerant of the inevitable challenges that small charities bring”

“Impeccably professional service at a very reasonable rate. Davina is always responsive and provides outstanding advice”

“Was very prompt and helpful – everything was very well explained and we felt informed and supported throughout”

and our favourite quote

“Cymryd Rhan are always quirky, full of energy and enormous fun as well as providing a first class service!”

OK you are finally convinced but are wondering how much it will cost?

We offer quality services at a reasonable cost – like we said at the beginning of this presentation, we are not looking to make a profit out of you and any money that we do make goes back into the “pot” to fund good causes. We can afford to work at a lower price and still maintain good standards because of our low overheads.

The annual fee for an Independent Examination depends on your annual turnover – see the page at the top Independent Examinations.

For any of the other services, we offer an initial assessment meeting with you free of charge and if you are interested we will provide you with a written quote for the work agreed. To give you an idea, our fees are based on a daily charge of £200 but of course our quote will be based on the nature of the work. For example, if you would like us to prepare quarterly management accounts the fee may be £400 (based on 4 x 1/2 days per year)…..it depends on the work involved. But one thing you can be sure of……we will be a lot cheaper than using a High Street Accountant!

So after all that if would like to find out more, please either ring Davina Hutchinson on 07788 317704 or email her at davina.hutchinson@cymryd-rhan.org.

Alternatively you can click on this link and complete a form and Davina will respond within 2 working days of receiving the form Cymryd Rhan Specialised Accountancy Services

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