The DEAL is done.

Jay Allen is booked and under contract to headline our summer charity event. This Nashville based country rock star is debuting in the UK at our Party at the Porth with Cymryd Rhan weekend. Jay is an inspirational artist who’s values are aligned with ours. His campaigning in the US supporting those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, […]

Feeling Starstruck.

Had a meeting with the management for US Country singer/songwriter Jay Allen following their visit to the Whitehouse. Jay is keen to come to the UK and perform at our summer festival. His message is so aligned to ours in Cymryd Rhan, it would be such a good fit. I will keep you posted and […]


Having recently attended training in Cyber Security with Davina, we realised that we are under constant attack from scammers, phishing emails, whalers, trawlers, unknown friends and family members from overseas, and the opportunity to work with an overseas barrister offering us £1.5 million for doing absolutely nothing. The money linked to these fraudulent crimes in […]

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