Having recently attended training in Cyber Security with Davina, we realised that we are under constant attack from scammers, phishing emails, whalers, trawlers, unknown friends and family members from overseas, and the opportunity to work with an overseas barrister offering us £1.5 million for doing absolutely nothing. The money linked to these fraudulent crimes in the UK alone stands at £4 Billion.

Managing an IT system, handling, storing and securing information, and taking all reasonable steps to prevent ourselves from being “hacked” or being held to ransom for our information is a terrifying thought. Regardless of how good your IT security system is, our organisational behaviour and individual behaviour is vital in preventing and reducing the risk of breeches.

The teenage hacker that brought TALK TALK to its knees a few years ago, said that ” if only people would follow the basics, they would never get hacked”.

Think on people, after all, we’ve all watched Terminator.

Look out for my next blog, I’LL BE BACK!

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